Protecting Pedestrians With Crosswalk Warning Systems

Protecting pedestrians crossing intersections or streets is critical, and there are some specific crossings that can benefit from more protection. Installing pedestrian crosswalk systems or specialized lighting systems can improve the intersection's safety and make sure that the people using the crosswalk are safe.

School Crossings

A crosswalk in front of a school that sees a lot of daily traffic can benefit significantly from a pedestrian crosswalk system. The system can have many elements like flashing LED lights in the road surface, stop lights overhead that come on to stop traffic while people are in the crosswalk, or even barrier gates like those used at a train crossing. 

The extent of the pedestrian crosswalk system is typically determined by the vehicle traffic in the area and the level of danger for people using the crosswalk. If the crosswalk is on the main road and many cars are using that road, the crosswalk systems may need to offer more protection for kids utilizing the crosswalk than if the crossing is on a small secondary road with little to no car traffic. 

Night Protection

Pedestrian crosswalk lights are an excellent option for a crosswalk in an area that does not have a lot of lighting at night or for an area where it is hard for drivers to see at night. Often the lights used are embedded in the pavement on both sides of the crosswalk, and the lights are made from LEDs that burn for hours on a small battery charge.

The lights may have a solar collector on the top of the housing that will charge the batteries during the day and keep the lights on and flashing all night so drivers can see the crosswalk from a distance. Some systems offer several different flashing patterns that can alternate to change the lights that the driver sees as they approach the crosswalk. 

Often this changing pattern does a better job of drawing the driver's attention and helping them see the crossing long before getting to it. The lights may even be addressable with a bluetooth connection so you can change the color, change the pattern, or turn them off if necessary. 

Stop Lights and Barriers

In extreme situations, a pedestrian crosswalk system can include a stoplight that stops the traffic when people are in the crosswalk. The pedestrian can activate the light, or the system can be set up to change the light when a sensor determines someone has entered the crosswalk. These systems are less common, but when the intersection needs additional protections, it may be the best option. 

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