Tips For A Successful Foot Pain Treatment With Custom Orthotics

Foot pain is no joke and it can radiate up your legs and into your back and shoulders at times, making your foot ache more of a body ache. However, there are many solutions with shoe inserts and gel pads along with a specialized orthotic insert or footwear to help you remedy the problem. Here are some recommendations to help you correct your foot pain and issues with the right orthotic footwear.

Look at Your Options

There are a few different types of foot orthotics you can use to help you with foot problems. Sometimes you may be experiencing foot pain while you walk or stand for a long period of time, and the problems may not be one that needs a medical evaluation and treatment. When you have a demanding schedule and your feet hurt at the end of the day, you can evaluate your condition to find the right option to correct your foot pain. 

Orthotics that you can buy at most drug stores or online are going to alleviate your foot pain from standing and walking. These in-shoe treatments are usually made of gel or foam designed to help your feet feel better and aid with back pain or other associated leg pain; however, they usually are not going to correct a foot problem you have that is causing the discomfort and pain. There are many types of other-the-counter treatments that will help you get through the day, but they are not going to improve your condition, and you will likely need to see an orthotics specialist for a treatment plan.

Get a Specialized Assessment

It is best to see a doctor to evaluate your foot pain so they can correct it with treatment and custom orthotics. Depending on the type of foot problem you are experiencing, they may recommend one of a variety of orthotic inserts or footwear or a combination of the two. 

If you are planning to get custom orthotics for your feet, they will usually be worn inside your shoes. So when you have scheduled your orthotics appointment, wear shoes that you are most comfortable in and that you wear frequently. This will ensure that the orthotics can be worn most comfortably in your daily footwear. If you need custom footwear, plan to choose footwear that you will be able to wear on a daily basis so you can treat the foot problems and get them corrected.

Visit an orthotic clinic to get footwear or orthotics.