Personal Water Bottle Labels Could Help Sell Personal Training Sessions

Gym attendees who exercise really hard should stay hydrated. A personal water bottle does a lot for getting the right flow of liquid at the right time. Opportunity exists here for gym owners. Using the water bottle as a promotional vehicle for gym memberships is possible when adding custom labels. The value of these promotional labels outside of the gym can be enormous, which is why gym owners invest in them. Not everyone realizes the bottles are able to generate further revenues from current members as well. The right label on the water bottle could effectively stimulate interest in personal training sessions.

Boosting Personal Training Revenue

Gyms that take a percentage of personal training fees could greatly enhance cash flow. Charing a member $20 per month for a membership does not exactly generate huge revenues. If a member pays $100 per week in personal training sessions and the gym gets 20% of the trainer's cut, the gym is now pulling in an extra $80 per month. Gym members may be unsure whether or not they should pay for personal training. Sometimes, simple extra advertising nudges a decision to work one-on-one with a trainer. Personalized water bottle labels could help move that decision needle in the direction of working with a trainer.

Crafting the Right Label

Printing out a ready-made labels that state "Buy Personal Training Sessions!" won't exactly be effective marketing tools. The labels should look highly appealing through the inclusion of a catchy logo and impacting slogan. Drawings of a trainer working a client underneath the words "One-on-one means TOP progress" catches eyes and attention. Generating revenues may be the next desirable step.

Positioning the Water Bottle

Placing the water bottles on the gym's supplement counter helps with getting the labels noticed. Anyone buying protein shake mixes may choose to buy a water bottle to put the drink into. Positioning a few bottles on shelves in front of treadmills is a good plan. A person sweating on the treadmill just might look closely at that water bottle and its label. Maybe an interested member ends up buying the water bottle and a few personal training sessions.

Professional Assistance Counts

Working with a talented marketing copywriter assists with coming up with the right slogan and accompanying visual image. Be sure to entrust the physical creation of the labels with a print service capable of doing the idea justice. The end result here could be a much more effective -- and simple -- promotional strategy that delivers results.

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