3 Tips For Using And Maintaining Your Fire Extinguisher

The fact that a fire can wreak havoc on your business and put lives and property in jeopardy means that you always need to have the proper equipment and knowledge available to fight these fires. Your business should be stocked with fire extinguishers that are easy to use and locate, so that you can fight a fire as it breaks out. To do this, you need to learn some tips for safely using a fire extinguisher, in addition to some words of advice on maintaining it. With this in mind, read on and put these tips into use. 

#1: Know The Proper Way To Use Your Fire Extinguishers

Having fire extinguishers in your place of business is not enough -- you must also learn the proper way to employ them and make sure that your employees also know the proper method. You can use the acronym "PASS" to remember the proper way to use your fire extinguisher. The first P stands for "Pull." Pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher so that it can be used. Next, "Aim" low, so that you can stop the fire at its base. Then "Squeeze" the fire extinguisher handle in order to begin fighting the fire. Finally, "Sweep" in sideways motions in order to put the fire out. 

#2: Properly Maintain Your Fire Extinguisher

To make sure that your fire extinguisher stays useful and viable, you will need to maintain it to the best of your ability. Keep it unobstructed of any objects, so that you are able to get to it when you need it. Check the pressure levels, so that they are never too high or too low. Inspect the seal to make sure that it is still in place and hire a professional to maintain it no less than once per year. 

#3: Replace Your Fire Extinguisher When Necessary

Knowing when to replace your fire extinguisher is a big part of owning one. In terms of longevity, fire extinguishers are expected to have a lifespan between 5 and 15 years. If you begin noticing wear and tear on the hoses, a wobbly handle or if you don't know how old the extinguisher is or when it was last maintained, you may need to purchase a new one. It is better to be safe and have peace of mind in this regard. 

Follow these three tips and use them to get the most of your fire safety. For more information, talk to a professional like AC&C Safety Solutions INC.