Three Things To Consider When Designing Product Packaging

Your product packaging represents your brand, so it's important to create a package design that will become instantly recognizable by your customers. Your product packaging needs to have personality, capture attention, and communicate the attributes of your company's brand. Unfortunately, designing the perfect package isn't always simple. It does become easier, however, when you take these things into consideration.

Choose Colors Wisely

Shopping is as much an emotional process as it is a practical one, and because color influences human behavior and emotions, it's important to choose the right colors for your product packaging. After all, it's that emotional surge a shopper feels that prompts him or her to choose your product over a more familiar product.

  • Red reduces a person's ability to think analytically, so it's a good color choice if you're trying to attract impulse shoppers. The color invokes a sense of urgency, passion, and excitement, which is why it's often used by stores advertising sales of special deals.
  • Black, silver, and gold packaging is often associated with high-end products or luxury brands. However, black, when used alone in sleek-style packaging, is associated with high-tech products.
  • Customers associate packaging that uses green in combination with other earthy tones with organic or natural products.
  • People associate orange with brands that are trustworthy and products that are a good value. Unfortunately, products that are a good value are often perceived as low quality, so consider combining dark blue with orange to convey reliable and trustworthy qualities of your brand or combine black and orange to raise the perceived value of the product to consumers.

Stay Consistent

Chances are, your product packaging isn't the form of marketing that your company uses. Because you want people to associate specific design elements with your company immediately, such as a logo, wording, or a specific color combination, it's imperative that your marketing materials tell a consistent story. The package design that you choose needs to fit in with all of your other marketing materials, so you need to use similar fonts, wording, colors, and styles.

Choosing Package Materials

People judge products quickly, and if your packaging looks cheap, there's a good chance they will automatically assume that your products are cheaply made. So, when you're choosing the material for your product's package, choose the highest-quality of materials that your budget allows.

Remember, your product packaging is the first thing that consumers see when they are perusing store shelves. It needs to stand out and represent your company well. So, before your discuss design plans with a packaging design firm, take the time to consider the color combination you want to use, as well as the wording and materials.

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