Tips On Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Business

Every business needs to advertise.  A great way to get the word out about your business is using promotional products. Face it – people love free stuff! But advertising with promotional products isn't as easy as just picking whatever item is on sale, getting it produced, then handing them out. To make the most of your investment, follow these tips:

1. Align the product with your business.There are thousands of products to choose from – how do you know which one to choose? Search for one that aligns with your business. You want your customer to think of you when they use the item. If you're a gardener, bypass the promotional pens and look at the desktop thermometers or calendars.  As they see the temperature change and the months pass, they'll think of the services you provide. If you're an accountant, pens with a notepad can be a great choice, but steer clear of the balls and frisbees. They may be fun, but chances are that your customers are not thinking about their finances when playing outdoors with the family.

2. Choose a high-desire item. Think about what your prospects and clients need or use, then choose an item that they will crave. Are you courting new moms? Every mom could use hand sanitizer or a a laundry pen. Are you hoping that teacher remembers you? They could always use more notepads. Screen cleaners are great for office workers. Are you trying to attract parents of school-age children? Check out the large assortment of water bottles.  

3. Make it a "keeper". Make the most of your investment by choosing a product that people will find it hard to part with. This is especially important if your business is one that relies on emergency calls. Fridge magnets with information on kitchen measurements are a great promotional item for appliance repair businesses. A car emergency kit is a good choice for auto repair or sales businesses. A flashlight is a good selection for an electrician. A useful product may be a little more than other products, but it is worth the expense. Rather than being tossed in the trash, the item will get seen or used over and over, making the most of your investment. 

4.  Build on the promotion. Do more than give the items away at a conference or expo. Create a plan to use the promotional product in all of your marketing. Collect names and email addresses when you give it away. Follow up with emails that include a picture of the product to remind them of you. If you have retail space, keep some of the product out on your counter. Becoming known as the car wash who hands out towels or the baker who distributes spatulas will help you build a strong customer base.

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