3 Key Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Hotel Stay

Are you planning a vacation? If you are and have plans to stay in a hotel then it is likely a big concern to you that you avoid paying top dollar on your hotel stay. There are ways to get around the extremely high nightly rates and still manage to stay in a nice, conveniently located hotel. To avoid the high rates of your hotel cost, be sure that you consider:

Booking Through Your Insurance Provider:

Did you know that your auto or homeowners insurance provider may offer discounted travel rates? These travel rates can include discounts for your car rental, airfare and most importantly your hotel stay. Before you contact a travel agent or the front desk of the hotel that you are interested in, consider contacting your insurance agent. This may not be your first thought, but it can actually save you a decent amount on your hotel stay, as insurance providers do often times partner with hotel companies to help provide lower hotel stays for policyholders.

Booking in Advanced:

As soon as you realize you will need a hotel, be sure to book your room. The sooner you book your room, the cheaper it can be, as many hotel companies provide early booking rates. Booking and paying for your hotel room at least 21 days before your trip can potentially save you up to 20% on your hotel rate. This is a major saving and not only does it cut the cost of your hotel room, but it guarantees that you have a room at the facility that you are most interested in.

Utilize A Third Party Hotel Agency:

Though it can be easiest to just pick up the phone and call the front desk at the hotel of your choice to book your room, this may not be the best solution. Using a third party hotel agency can help you get a much lower rate on your hotel, as they receive hotel rooms below market rates. Because the agencies receive the hotel rooms at a lower rate, they will pass the savings on to you by allowing you to book the hotel room at a slightly higher price than they did. This can easily save you a great deal of money on your hotel trip, especially if you are staying multiple nights.

With these tips, you will likely be able to reduce the cost of your hotel stay quite a bit. This can make your vacation more affordable and allow you to afford the cost of a nicely located and up-to-date hotel facility. For more information, contact the local hotels, like Ramada 100 Mile House, in the area where you're planning to stay.